20 facts HR needs to understand about working with millennials

Below are 20 facts HR needs to understand about working with millennials as reported by Theresa Dew.

1.) Sixty-eight percent would like to be personally called out for their efforts.

HR takeaway: A public thank you makes their day.

2.) For their wins, 52 percent of millennials want individuals awards.

HR takeaway: Group recognition may not fly.

3.) They’re more miserly than their predecessors.

HR takeaway: Because they save and invest more than gen X and baby boomers, retirement programs are a must.

4.) Millennials expect competitive benefits packages and competitive salaries.

HR takeaway: In their eyes, compensation is more than a paycheck.

5.) Half of millennial employees evaluate their benefits options.

HR takeaway: Yes, they’re reading your benefits communications (so make sure they rock)!

6.) Almost three-quarters of millennials are willing to share personal information to get better service.

HR takeaway: You’ll lose ’em with poor service.

7.) The average millennial sends 20 texts daily.

HR takeaway: Consider mobile technology for HR and benefits communication.

8.) Co-creating with colleagues appeals to 40 percent of millennials.

HR takeaway: They don’t want to work alone all the time.

9.) A third of millennials want questions answered in real time.

HR takeaway: A frequently updated intranet, searchable databases, and social technology can provide intel without delay.

10.) About 60 percent find work meetings to be less than efficient.

HR takeaway: Traditional meetings are killing their productivity.

11.) Almost half of millennials have 200-plus Facebook friends.

HR takeaway: They could be great allies when it comes to recruiting new hires.

12.) Fifty-six percent say technology makes them more efficient.

HR takeaway: It’s likely they’re turned off by outdated software, paper forms, and unreliable Internet connections.

13.) About two-thirds never have been married.

HR takeaway: Benefits for dependents could be less important to them.

14.) Sixty percent produce and share content online.

HR takeaway: Hoarding information doesn’t make sense to them.

15.) A whopping 80 percent of millennials sleep with their phones next to their beds.

HR takeaway: If you want to get in touch, try their cell phone.

16.) Forty percent say blogging about work stuff is OK.

HR takeaway: Workplace issues are less taboo to millennials vs. other generations.

17.) Almost 90 percent of millennials will share brand preferences online.

HR takeaway: They could promote your employer brand through their personal social media profiles.

18.) About half want interactive channels through which they can connect to brands.

HR takeaway: Give them a forum for sounding off on what works and what doesn’t in your organization.

19.) Millennials prefer frequent, informal check-ins to formal meetings.

HR takeaway: They want a flexible work environment.

20.) When it comes to millennials; they want customizable benefits and will “shop” for an employer culture that fits their needs.

HR takeaway: Fitting in has little appeal, and one size does not fit all.

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