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The world of HR is rapidly changing, and organizations must understand that. Below is an article written by Nikhil Jakatdar, founder and CEO of Vuclip, that I read found very interesting.

HR’s traditional and transactional role is on the verge of extinction with HR makeovers being the talk of the town. This is not just about discarding the traditional nine to five model and implementing a casual dress code across the organization. The following transformational HR practices, brought about by re-engineering long-standing HR processes or implementing technology-driven HR initiatives, will go a long way in bringing forth the best from a new generation of aspirational workers and addressing many of their concerns.

Crowdsourcing, which brings thinking minds together, is something that HR professionals advocate, in the form of innovation contests. Global organizations have begun leveraging their employee diversity, experience and expertise to become more creative, fast and efficient in catering to the needs of their customers. For employees, it is indicative of them making an intellectual contribution that will have a direct impact on organizational decisions and success.

Employee councils are HR initiatives to provide a platform for employees to connect with business leaders and senior management professionals. When employees are faced with a decision-making difficulty, access to a member of the leadership team doesn’t just help them with guidance, but also strengthens the tie between the employee and the organization. Even though employee engagement falls under the purview of HR, it needs to be a business-led strategy for better impact. Such councils are a case in point. With millennials constituting a growing segment of the organizational workforce by the year, HR departments face a host of issues and challenges. For example, employees may be unable to decide between advancing their careers or pursuing further education. Some employees may feel that their roles have become stale, some may face issues with peers or managers. Senior leaders not only serve as listening boards but are also uniquely placed to provide the right advice and guidance.

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