Waxdale Auckland Ecosystem Leader

Waxdale Auckland Ecosystem Leader

Waxdale Auckland Ecosystem Leader

About Waxdale Ecosystem Inc.

Waxdale Ecosystem Inc. is a Canadian company with its head office located in Montreal, Quebec. The company is an Ecosystem as a Service organization that operates a startup studio and provides services and tools to entrepreneurs and startups throughout the startup lifecycle.

About the Role

The company is slowly expanding Waxdale Pitch Studios L.P. operations to numerous cities and towns around the world.

A pitch studio is a concept that we created and it’s very successful for us, it is basically a simple way for would-be entrepreneurs to pitch their startup ideas to us without any pressure.

We are looking for an Ecosystem Leader for the Auckland region. When expanding to a new city we want to find the right Ecosystem Leader and move at an adequate speed.

The Ecosystem Leader will host Waxdale Pitch Studios’ daily one on one startup project pitch either over the phone or online, where the goal is to provide significant discounts and other services to the would-be entrepreneurs with the projects with the biggest potential. The Ecosystem Leader will manage the entire city and will receive a large percentage of each projects won and a budget to manage the ecosystem as the ecosystem grows.

As the ecosystem grows the Ecosystem Leader will have the opportunity to join us full time and get access to bonuses.


  • Greet the would-be entrepreneur and introduce yourself
  • Provide information on Waxdale Ecosystem Inc.
  • Explain what Waxdale Pitch Studios is
  • Listen to the pitch without interrupting
  • Ask questions at the end of the pitch
  • Explain to the would-be entrepreneur how our deals work
  • Enter into an agreement with the successful entrepreneurs

Waxdale Pitch Studios L.P. provides development services for tech projects, access to angel investors and venture capitalists as well as other funding organizations. The company also operates an online advisory platform for entrepreneurs where they have access to advisors as well as programmers and designers.

Experience & Requirements

  • The position is for locals who speak the local language
  • Customer service and/or sales experience a plus
  • Must have strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Demonstrate integrity, dependability, responsibility, accountability, self-awareness, work ethic, and empathy.
  • Passion for entrepreneurship

To apply for this job email your details to info@waxdale.ca

About Waxdale Pitch Studios L.P.

A pitch studio is a concept that we created and it’s very successful for us, it is basically a simple way for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to us without any pressure. The reason why is because all great ideas should be pursued, and money should not be a problem. We bet that we can build a great relationship with you thus, increase our value over time.