Our Startup Studio Waxdale Ventures needs you! Do you know what a startup studio is? A startup studio is a business that builds businesses from scratch and we need you to come help us make them successful.


Specially designed for 3rd-year College Business Administration and Computer Science students, Waxdale’s Business Development Operator Program provides graduating students with a chance to assist us in validating our startups’ business models.

About the program

Becoming a Business Development Operator at Waxdale is a unique opportunity for talented young professionals with
true entrepreneurial mindset. We are looking for smart enthusiastic people with outstanding motivation.

Lead one of the following missions

  • Sales & Marketing Strategy and Application
  • Customer Success
  • Project Management & Data
  • Support our companies’ growth in their pre-funding stage
  • Market Analysis
  • Lead generation & New Customer Acquisition
  • Account Management
  • Growth Hacking

BDO positions available

  • Customer Development Operator
  • Product Market Fit Operator
  • Technical Operator

Customer Development Operator

The Customer Development Operator has overall responsibility for validating the startup’s business model. Each one of Waxdale’s startup projects have untested hypotheses about their business model (who are the customers, what features they want, what channel to use, revenue strategy/pricing tactics, how to get/keep/grow customers, strategic activities needed to deliver the product, internal resources needed, partners needed and costs). The CDO will take the data and derive some insight to either 1) Validate the hypothesis, 2) Invalidate the hypothesis or 3) Modify the hypothesis.

Product Market Fit Operator

The Poduct Market Fit Operator has overall responsibility for testing the startup’s minimum viable product with customers. The PMFO will help the startup figure out if it is in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market. He/She will help people understand and use the startup’s product enough to recognize it’s value and generate traction. The PMFO will also ensure that customers share their positive experience with others.

Technical Operator

The Technical Operator is responsible for providing product vision, create a roadmap, and assist in bringing the startup’s product to life. He/She will need to understand the startup’s technology at a deep level and can interact with the development team to lead the strategy for the product. The TO is a business role that is mainly focused on technology as opposed to a technology role that has no responsibility for a product’s market success. A big part of the TO’s assignment is taking business requirements and translating them into technical requirements.

What you get from the experience

  • Get totally immersed in the startup creation process
  • Face and solve strategic and practical business
  • Get a central role in the exciting early stages of a
  • Work closely with developers, product and marketing
  • Joining a project as a Business Development
    Operator is a chance to become the first employee of
    a successful startup in the making


  • Curiosity
  • Purpose
  • Take calculated risk
  • Organization
  • Communication Skills
  • Realistic optimism
  • Vision
  • Ability to learn from the past
  • Building relationships
  • Understanding
  • Listening skills
  • Thinking outside the box


Entrepreneurial experience is the best experience

When you build something from scratch you learn faster than anyone. You’re not limited to a position with specific tasks.

Are you a constant learner?

Successful people are big time learners. They understand that implementation is key but acquiring knowledge is what precedes a great implementation plan.


Customer Development and Product Market Fit Operators

Career Program (DEC) Business Administration

  • Third-year graduating students
  • Available for 4 weeks full time

Technical Operator

Career Program (DEC) Computer Science

  • Third-year graduating students
    Available for 4 weeks full time



To apply for this job email your details to collegerecruiting@waxdale.ca

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