Startup Branding: HR Marketing

When it comes to recruiting your business should establish an HR branding strategy. People have interactions and they discuss many things, one of those things is where they see themselves working. Talk about your company a lot and make sure you position your business as an incredible place to work. Get referrals and ask your employees to do the same. Create the perfect job advertisement. HR marketing needs to treated just like regular marketing, therefore you will need to plan, execute, analyze and do it over and over again. Analyze your metrics and figure out what you do well and what you don’t do so well. Be in the community, volunteer, show real interest in people. Use data analytics and treat HR marketing as your lifeblood. As a startup, you should never sell salaries because frankly, you can’t compete. What you need to sell is your vision (here we go again!) and the chance of being part of something great and epic. This is how we recruit at CH2 Agency, if we would try to recruit on your behalf based on salaries, we wouldn’t be able to make a living!

HR Marketing

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