The importance of vision, mission, and values

They are often overlooked but they should not, your vision states who you want to be, your mission states how you will get there and your values direct the attitude and culture that should be embraced in your company. Your cofounders and early employees must know them by heart! Having a vision is critically important, it’s how you convince people to join the party. Your recruits want to join something that can change their lives, they want to get out of the system and out of their routine. We all know about the importance of strategic planning, but we rarely start by clearly outlining our vision, missions, and values. Why? Because we are too eager to start in this lean startup era. If you think about it, it does not make any sense. Without a clear vision, how are you going to convince anyone that you are really and truly trying to solve a major issue, or trying to make people’s lives better? Once you have clearly defined your vision you must indicate out loud how you will achieve it. You can only do it through your mission statement. Everyone within your organization should know the mission statement. If no one knows, your business will fail because the mission statement defines the reason why things need to be done. Lastly, we always hear about the importance of company culture and that not everyone is a “fit”, well what it means is that certain people don’t have the necessary set of core values to work in your organization. It’s deeper than someone not willing to attend happy hours, it’s about a commitment to make a great product or service for your customers while behaving like civilized people.

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