Work environment for millennials

Millennials are very different, and they want a different kind or workplace. They tend to be a little more impatient than their predecessors, they challenge the status quo by questioning management. Millennials come with their own set of expectations, expectations that must be met by managers and HR departments if they want to retain their services. It’s a culture shock for many organizations, but they will need to adapt quickly. Startups benefit from this cultural change since they are less formal and provide an opportunity to millennials to wear many hats. Startups are becoming millennials’ workplace of choice. Most startups want to conquer the world by providing solutions the huge problems consumers and businesses are facing. This is the kind of environment millennials want, they need to feel that they are an integral part of the startup’s journey. They don’t want to feel like a “regular” employee like their parents. They are creative and passionate and really want to have an impact on this planet.

HR departments need to understand that and need to empower millennials. On average millennials only stay at a job for two years or less, they even plan their departure at the exact moment when they got the job! They need to be challenged and they won’t ask for it, they expect it. Innovation is key when it comes to retaining young people, this means that HR needs to break traditions and implement innovative policies to keep the millennials engaged. More money on the table is always good, but for this generation it’s definitely not enough. HR needs to add on top of salary an engaging and exciting culture, innovative benefits, and career growth.

Workplace Culture

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