Workplace culture

If your startup wants to retain key talents it must prioritize workplace culture. Rich and inclusive culture is a secret sauce for high performance. Make sure your workplace culture is a top priority for your organization. What is workplace culture? It’s an environment wherein the professional and personal success of every employee is crucial, it will ensure that your employees remain loyal to your organization. You also need to ensure that your employees can easily communicate with management and to give them access to mentors.

As Nikhil Jakatdar puts it: “When individuals are respected for their expertise, input and professional aspirations, that respect is reciprocated and permeates throughout the organization. A positive workplace culture drives collaboration, innovation and overall business results. After all, it is the people who form an organization and its culture. Recruitment practices which emphasize deciphering individual values, in addition to professional skill sets, gain precedence and will help the organization thrive.”

As an organization that operates in a ever changing world you will need to position your business as a  ‘High-Impact Organization’-  an organization that is robust and seamlessly aligns the interests of employees and management. Doing so will enable you to better serve your internal stakeholders (employees) and you external stakeholders (customers). HR is key to when it comes to making sure that current and potential employees see your company as a ‘High-Impact Organization’.

Workplace Culture

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